PNA Instrumental in Changing Language of U.S. Senate Bill that would have restricted the availability of hGH to patients with legitimate prescribing conditions.
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Undetected Pituitary Tumors Cause Debilitating Disease
- Dr. Lewis Blevins, M.D., "Radiologic images, MRI studies and autopsy reports show that one in five people worldwide has a pituitary tumor. These benign neoplasms often remain undetected because they present with a vast array of nonspecific symptoms..."
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PNA Featured in Univision Interview with Dr. Daniel Kelly and Guillermo Huesca Pituitary tumors and disease are discussed in this Univision segment aired July 24th, 2008
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CEO Robert Knutzen Interviewed on CBS Radio Heaven 1580-AM; July 29, 2008 Acromegaly was the focus of a one hour segment on the popular daily radio program “Cross Talk: Urban Style” hosted by radio veteran Marsha Sumner.
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